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About us

Who are we?

Ubuntu Spirit Adventure Tours is a South African client orientated Travel & Tour agency founded on the African principles of Ubuntu, offering a large variety of scheduled group tours, tailor-made tours, adventures and experiences based locally and crossing the borders within Africa with a range of exciting destinations and endless array of activities to suit your personal needs and budgets. We partner with only the best tour operators selling tours and promoting activities, to give our clients only the best options and experiences out there.

Why go with us?

With Ubuntu Spirit Adventure Tours you are not only more than a VIP but you are always a winner as it is in our interest to service your direct needs and preferences for adventure. We hold ourselves to the highest level of performance, fun and excellence and value our time with you. Building lasting relationships is what drives our efforts and we have thus been able to build lasting partnerships with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that you get value for money and the highest level of service. We pride ourselves on our open communication and hold high ethics in all our efforts forever staying true to our commitments and values.

Our core values: Humanity, Integrity, Conservation, Excellence, Impact & Sustainability, Action

Our founder and tour manageress Cardinale ‘Cardi’ Matill

“Be led by the best in the business…”

Cardinale ‘Cardi’ Matill was born and raised in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and has since a young age understood that her calling was in the tourism industry, she started working in hospitality 2001 in various roles and has always had a great sense of adventure. With determination to acquire new skills, knowledge and meet new people she remained steadfast in her commitment to travel, explore and spend most of her time in nature also sharing her knowledge with the gratitude that being a guide has given her the platform to do what she loves. Cardi is in constant search for opportunities and challenges and meeting people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. She has primarily in the tourism industry worked as a guide as she worked her way up rapidly climbing the ladder in her case the words are true that, “When you do what you love there are no limits to what you can achieve”.

As a tour guide her focus has been greatly focused on overlanding and local tours and has worked wearing many hats having to rely on her versatility, endeavor and love for her job. Working as tour guide also being the chef, leading hikes, facilitating activities she is a ‘hands on’ champion of service and this being displayed in her high ratings. And great customer revisit rates.

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Togeda Adams

Operations Assistant and Cardi’s “left hand”

Togeda has been in the Tourism Industry for the last 14+ years. Learning and absorbing information about everything Travel. Having explored South Africa from North to South and East to West, she is still finding places to add onto her bucket list. Budget Travel is her preference but Luxury Travel is always on her radar. “Tourism is in my blood”.

Social Outreach

We are a principal sponsor of the Ubuntu Spirit Foundation and Trust, a nonprofit focusing on making a contribution through youth empowerment, mentorship, environmental conservation, advocacy and various other meaningful projects that have a social impact. To learn more or get involved, ask us how.

Our Partners